Your Friday Forenoon is not mine

I ne'er experienced it like this earlierly - the trippyness of the clip difference on a U.S.A. kingdom. In Dath it was principally Pelagic participants, and perchance some shiftworkers from the U.S.A., or Americans stationed in an Oceanic clip zone spot. Now as I indite this, the waiter punch in Blackrock holds not long clicked past 12am. It Holds friday morn - but it Holds not. For me its7.25 Fri even, My friday morn is not yours, and your Friday Forenoon is not mine. and while there are an ever increasing sum of pelagic participants pulled here, out there in the pale light of the eve, the dim skys of the waiter, and the dark of the dark, out there are people who are in their Friday forenoon, and I am jealous. I hold holded my Fri forenoon - and I now get to watch some of you see yours.

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Expert Panel Closes MSFT Annual GovCon Height

PVBS was delighted to patronize the `` Regime Contractor Expert Panel '' that shutted the 3rd one-year Microsoft Authorities Contractor Tiptop on Nov 17 at the Marriott Fairview Parkland. The moderator was Tom Temin of Federal News Radio 1500AM

Panel members were:

Queries presented by Tom included:

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Woo Hoo!

York Beach, Maine is one country that I can easily name my old stumping evidences. My menage employed to come over here equally frequently as possible, and thqt was a great deal. Our homes ' love friend, Helen inhabited a block approximately forth from the beach and we would pass years and hebdomads at one time over here seing. My mother was likewise born not overly far from here, in Kittery, so our home holded flocks of roots here. This spot screechings `` Place '' to me.

Today, I was attending convey my tykes first in eld. They themselves hold warm memories of this spot, as their childhood would not hold been complete if I holded not conveyed them here for summertime beach years and wintertime walkings on the Nub.

We drove along Long Beach at a snails gait to inspire the ocean aromas, but we were headed for Short Beach. We happened great parking across from the beach and headed for a nice long walking up and down the main drag for delicacies and playfulness checking out all the orderly stores. I picked upwardly holidaymaker material to take place with me for my parents and S I cognized I would be doing my parents rattlingly envious by being here. They traveled an hr and a one-half every Dominicus while sleep in Mummy to attend the church they were espouse in, before I holded travelled them to Dada They lose it greatly.

The boys got half a lb of confect each, fashion more so they required but it was attending be a full splurge day. We walked into shoppes of all varieties and eventually picked upwardly some sand pails and shovels and some goggles for T We modified at the automobile and headed for the H2O. The bound was out but coming inward. It comes in in no time at this beach and very fast we shoulded travel our covers farther back to sta outta the Waters splosh. The H2O itself was FREEZING!!! T maked n't care and joined inward with other tiddlers to play hard in the H2O. B but then was not locomoting for it. He gave it a locomote several times, justly to come out about directly to play in the sand. I substituted ankle deep H2O most of the clip watch over T, freezing hurting hitting upward my legs. The remainder of the clip, I turned along mymusic participant and maked to catch the irradiations and savour the heat of the day. It was glorious.

About dinner clip, I named them out and off we dried and altered back into our dry apparels. Hop Skip and Leap and we were in my favorite spot to travel, The Golden Rod. This beach eatery is one of the oldest in the state and overcomes salt H2O taffy in the existence!!!! Seriously!!! I got two lbs of it to convey place to Mama and we sat to hold our dinner `` bite ''. We were locomoting demented with our restrictive diet and Ate dairy and gluten repasts. Mostly the boys locomoted dairy as they holded icecream sundaes at the barroom while I holded a brand you speak H2O and my parents envious, Lime Rickey soda and an Olive and Pick Cheese Sandwich. It was all marvelous and playfulness. We, course, holded great service and she was rather happy to indulge us with anything we invited. We watched the C of poeple behind us select their favorite cocoas and sweets and taffy 's for quite spell. So it was clip to hit the route.

BUT!! not without halting by one of the most beautiful scenic locations in York. The Nub Light. At least, that is what us old timers and locals nameit.I speculation it Holds proficient name is Ness Neddick. Weird. Maked n't cognize that until a duo eld ago. We drew into the first parking place and walked around the rocks crashing with sprays of the waves. T played with other youngsters. Bacillus investigated the tidal pools. I took tons of pictures and sat on a lovely memorial rock bench and inspired the creation. I even got to take a duo pictures for a household whom desired the nub in the background of their home portraiture. It was really lovely.

The existence could n't hold given me better conditions. We could see for mis and merely savour it all.

It was one of those rare perfect years. Even the traffic was cypher comparitivley.

Once place we lavish and invited Christine again for another nighttime of hanging out, while Brian was out.
Great Day!!!

1, 000 Nothingness Albums You Should Hear Before You Dice ( 161-180 )

Here is another 20 to add to the listing.

Recall that there is no superior system here, and if you make n't see your favorite nothingness album yet, it makes n't intend it wo n't present upwards.

Hebdomadally I will offer twenty more, in no particular order and with no higher-ranking system or common topic ( otherwise wind course ).

Hopefully these lists will invigorate you to seek some of these albums out that maybe you hold n't heard earlierly, or revisit an old favorite. And as e'er, we desire your ideas on any or all of these albums. Either mode, allow 's get gotten with this hebdomad, and in no particular order, albums 161 through 180

161. tuesday wonderland Tues Wonderland
- Esbjorn Svensson Leash ( Enactment, 2006 )

162. bitches brew Bitches Brew
- Davis ( Columbia/Legacy, 1969 )

163. native dancer Native Terpsichorean
- Wayne Shorter ( Columbia/Legacy, 1974 )


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<p> Here is another 20 to add to the listing. </p>
<p> Recall that there is no superior system here, and if you make n't see your favorite nothingness album yet, it makes n't intend it wo n't present upwards. </p>
<p> Hebdomadally I will offer twenty more, in no particular order and with no higher-ranking system or common topic ( otherwise wind course ). </p>
<p> Hopefully these lists will invigorate you to seek some of these albums out that maybe you hold n't heard earlierly, or revisit an old favorite. And as e'er, we desire your ideas on any or all of these albums. Either mode, allow 's get gotten with this hebdomad, and in no particular order, <strong> albums 161 through 180 </strong>
<p> 161. <strong><img width='150' alt='tuesday wonderland' src='' title='tuesday wonderland' height='150'> Tues Wonderland </strong>
- Esbjorn Svensson Leash ( Enactment, 2006 ) </p>
<p> 162. <strong><img width='150' alt='bitches brew' src='' title='bitches brew' height='150'> Bitches Brew </strong>
- Davis ( Columbia/Legacy, 1969 ) </p>
<p> 163. <strong><img width='150' alt='native dancer' src='' title='native dancer' height='146'> Native Terpsichorean </strong>
- Wayne Shorter ( Columbia/Legacy, 1974 ) </p>
<p> 164. <strong><img width='150' alt='A Tale of God's Will (A Requiem for Katrina)' src='' title='A Tale of God's Will (A Requiem for Katrina)' height='147'> A Story of God 's Volition ( A Dirge for Katrina ) </strong>
- Terence Blanchard ( Angel, 2007 ) </p>
<p> 165. <strong><img width='150' alt='paris blues 1962' src='' title='paris blues 1962' height='146'> Paris Blues, 1962 </strong>
- Horace Ag ( Pablo, 1962 ) </p>
<p> 166. <strong><img width='150' alt='freedom rider' src='' title='freedom rider' height='150'> The Freedom Rider </strong>
- Art Blakey & The Malarky Messengers ( Blueness Note, 1961 ) </p>
<p> 167. <strong><img width='150' alt='as time goes by' src='' title='as time goes by' height='150'> As Clip Goes By </strong>
- Hampton ( Sonet, 1978 ) </p>
<p> 168. <strong><img width='150' alt='nostalgia' src='' title='nostalgia' height='150'> Nostalgia </strong>
- Fats Navarro ( Savoy, 1947 ) </p>
<p> 169. <strong><img width='150' alt='our man in paris' src='' title='our man in paris' height='147'> Our Man in Paris </strong>
- Dexter Gordon ( Blueness Note, 1963 ) </p>
<p> 170. <strong><img width='150' alt='bottoms up' src='' title='bottoms up' height='150'> Undersurfaces Up </strong>
- IL Jacquet ( Prestige/OJC, 1968 ) </p>
<p> 171. <strong><img width='150' alt='from the plantation to the penitentiary' src='' title='from the plantation to the penitentiary' height='147'> From the Plantation to the Pen </strong>
- Wynton Marsalis ( Blueness Note, 2007 ) </p>
<p> 172. <strong><img width='150' alt='Blue Train' src='' title='Blue Train' height='147'> Blueness Train </strong>
- Bathroom Coltrane ( Blueness Note, 1957 ) </p>
<p> 173. <strong><img width='150' alt='drum songs' src='' title='drum songs' height='147'> Membranophone Vocals </strong>
- Philly Joe Jones ( Galaxy, 1978 ) </p>
<p> 174. <strong><img width='150' alt='eastern rebellion, vol 1' src='' title='eastern rebellion, vol 1' height='148'> Eastern Rebellion, Vol. 1 </strong>
- Cedar Walton ( Timeless, 1975 ) </p>
<p> 175. <strong><img width='150' alt='b.g. in hi-fi' src='' title='b.g. in hi-fi' height='148'> B.G. in Hi-Fi </strong>
- Benjamin david goodman ( Blueness Note, 1954 ) </p>
<p> 176. <img width='150' alt='little girl blue' src='' title='little girl blue' height='150'><strong> Girl Blueness </strong>
- Nina Simone ( Bethlehem, 1957 ) </p>
<p> 177. <strong><img width='150' alt='puente in love' src='' title='puente in love' height='149'> Puente crazy </strong>
- Tito Puente ( Tico, 1959 ) </p>
<p> 178. <strong><img width='150' alt='chasing shadows' src='' title='chasing shadows' height='148'> Chasing Shadows </strong>
- Pearl Django ( Modern Hot, 2005 ) </p>
<p> 179. <strong><img width='150' alt='lullabies of birdland' src='' title='lullabies of birdland' height='146'> Cradlesongs of Birdland </strong>
- Fitzgerald ( Decca, 1954 ) </p>
<p> 180. <strong><img width='150' alt='crystal silence' src='' title='crystal silence' height='147'> Crystal Silence </strong>
- Gary Burton and Biddy Corea ( ECM, 1972 ) </p>
<p>1,000 Jazz Albums You Should Hear Before You Die (141-160)</p>
<p>1,000 Jazz Albums You Should Hear Before You Die (121-140)</p>
<p>1,000 Jazz Albums You Should Hear Before You Die (101-120)</p>
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Through the unfastened window I can see
The petite clouds vibrating in the sky
The wind is blowing, my nose is freezing
... a couple of exhaust pipes are sputtering.

Ah, the Sun is moving downwards
Red and gold, as it should be
I look downwardly to wall street below
And see a friend standing there

Suddenly my bosom feels heavy
I only involve to see birds darting
And my eyes turn upward to the sky
How it jurts my psyche - how beautiful!

Nature in the eventide, a peaceable town
Tortured psyche, the teardrops flux
It all does me experience so lame
And does the teardrops flux even more

Offenes Fenster prasentiert
Spatzenwolken Himmelflattern
Wind blast, meine Nase friert
Und paar Auspuffrohre knattern

Ach, DA geht expire Sonne unter
Putrefaction MIT gold - so muss dassie sein
Seh ich auf die Strasse runter
Fallt mir mein Bekannter ein

Prompt wird mirs jetzt schwer ums Herz
Ich brauch nur Vogel flattern sehn
Und fliegt mein Blick dann himmelwarts
Tut auch dice Seele weh - wie schon

Natur americium Abend - stille Stadt
Verknackste Seele, Tranen rennen
Cony alles macht einen machtig matte
Und ich tu einfach weiterflennen


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Universal Cyberspace Next?

In honor of the Afghan election, voting

Supermarket Art Funfair 2010, Stockholm ( Litre Fora.

Deadline: 31st Oct, 2009

SUPERMARKET 2010 will pass in Kulturhuset! 19-21 February 2010

Artist-run galleries regularly representing public exhibitions in their ain exhibition infinite and other artist go-ahead can be invited to exhibit at SUPERMARKET 2010.

To finance your trip reach your commonwealth cultural institute in Stockholm.

Make n't bury to upload image stuff and your exhibition thought to support your application to Supermarket art carnival. This is necessary and will fortify your opportunities to be accepted.

Supermarket Art Carnival 2010


The end of SUPERMARKET, the artist-run international expounding of new art, is to supply a showcase for artist enterprisingnesses from concluded the macrocosm and to make chances for new webs in the Swedish too as the international art scene.

SUPERMARKET is co-occurrent with Marketplace, a commercial art funfair in Stockholm.

Each year SUPERMARKET holds relocated; commencing in 2006 in little scale in an art nouveau castle, the undermentioned twelvemonth with international presence in the same site, 2008 travelling to an industrial infinite, so to a freshly constructed decorator luxury hotel ( Clarion Hotel Stockholm ) and now to the very bosom of Stockholm - Kulturhuset ( the Centre Pompidou of Stockholm ).

Originated and organised by artists, this undertaking holds rapidly germinated from a modest grouping of local enterprises to a full-fledged international art expounding that holds done its score and assisted unwaveringly found Stockholm on the art macrocosm map.

SUPERMARKET 2010 repose on the enormous success of SUPERMARKET 2008 and 2009, which featured showers from Canada, Deutschland, Yisrael, Nederland, Poland, Roumania, Russia, U.S., the Britain, and, course, Sweden and the neighbouring Nordic lands, all constituent of a growing international tendency of artist-run galleries, undertaking infinite, artist collectives, independent conservators and publications.


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Holocaust Museum Station Mortem

In The Labyrinth.

Contrarianism for the Multitude.

Contrarianism is widely seen to be simply a stock exchange scheme. Since most investors are completely incapable of promising the future moves of the marketplace it stands to conclude that opposing the flowing and making the opposite - selling while others purchase, and purchasing when others sell - is more likely to direct the soul to a good upshot. What I propose is that most people, altogether classes of act, are completely out of their deepness and likely to hold close the popular and conventional beliefs and attitudes out of despair. The opportunities are - they 're incorrect.

One holds merely to view the immense figure of people - mostly handses - who pass no clip setting and informing themselves to face the serious affairs of their times, but who can spirt away the whole squads of participants at their favorite athletics and listing the tallying records of these someones right back to the clip they came away the Ark How likely are these somebodies ' views about societal concerns and voting picks in elections to be maneuvered by wisdom and horse sense?

That is why we keep the times when the great mass of the populace surpass themselves in producing consensus in jobs that verily make weigh and participate in actions that conduct to advances in the human status. Those events are genuinely deserving observing, but it Holds a great commiseration that they make not come more regularly. What I advise with my packaging of contrarianism is that adequate people see alternate sentiments and mind-sets day in and day out that society holds a wellhead of wise favouritism, and good determinations go more common.

What about some instances?

Foremost affairs of wellness. Interahamwe overly many people populate thoughtless life-styles of greed and indulgence in the prospect that some pill 's, or will be, to handle their destroyed wellness when nature follows its natural class. Even medical docs talk the commonplaces of prophylactic wellness attention - while merely dictating the up-to-the-minute Panacea pill that large pharma holds produced, in the hope it might palliate the symptoms.

The whole western universe savored the spectacle of a simple religion that holding could justly increase in value, and that it was wise take along immense loads of debt in order to cash. Immovable is a finite resource, and over the longer strategy of things it must needs be sought after by an ever turning population, but none of these speculators into immense mortgages ever viewed the shorter term considerations delimited by their employ histories and likely life-time. The contrarian observed that the realty bubble holded gotten unstable and remained the heck offly.

The slippery topic of faith demoes the Brobdingnagian powerfulness of the herd instinct. If the neighbors attend hero-worship therein mosque, this church, this tabernacle, this temple, so most people follow the crowd - even when in their bosoms they chance the bromides and or fulminations altogether irrelevant and disappointing. There is absolutely no deficit of spiritual aspect in the creation, but rattlingly few people hold ever holded the sense to analyse the ones they were born into critically and see leaving them. The contrarian can be anticipated to make so, for after all, you are stick to this life and should do the most of it.

What about the music the herd listens to? Ever discover how small the popular taste resembles music? What about the movies - really few of which are deserving the cost of their admittance. What about the lawn before of the house when H2O shortfalls and entire waste of your leisure hrs could be cutted from converting the grass to xeriscaping? What about the party you vote for? The same one that your love old Pa supported - and every antecedent of his since The great charter.

I get a large kicking out of the Gnostic Gospels - the Nag hammadi noticed at Jabal-al-Tarif in 1945. In one, the Gospel of Thomas, Savior is esteemed to hold stated, `` Workforce consider maybe it is peace I hold come to project upon the cosmos. They make not cognize it is discord I hold come to throw upon the Earth: fire, brand, and warfare. If the Christianity maked but one good thing, it was the releasing of western society from the bonds of tribal conformance and permiting us the gift of conceiving for ourselves. And modifying old thoughts for better. Permit 's hear it for the contrarians. Allow 's hear it for the Rebel.

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My 66th birthday jubilation

Gap KEYNOTE: Friending Libraries: The Nodes in People 's Sociable Networks

It Holds been a whirlwind here

Goodly, it ever gets sick during the last month of school, so I apologise for being absent. We hold been busy with school tasks, a Fiftieth anniversary party, and then much more. Unfortunately, my camera get on the fritz tardily, so it but works some of the clip. So I make n't hold really many photos to share.

I make hold a couple of photos from my friend Ninder 's one-year party, a great opportunity to hold my fill of homemade Indian nutrient. Each year she throws a large smash for 30+ people who all seed when their fry played Dada Warner football. She works for years earlily readying, so she inscribes all the women to assist fix the nutrient. I got there a few hrs earlily to chop vegs and assistance to some eleventh hour cleanup. So six of us lined upward to do fresh roti. It Holds merely graham flour motley with H2O. Two women doed balls of it, two rolled it out, and so Ninder and I cooked them on a griddle, scorching our fingers in the procedure. We doed 200 of them, and it was so deserving it! But look at my plate of nutrient. My girl 's favorite dish was the vegetable pakora. This was a premix of diced cauliflower, garam masala ( spices ), chopped onion, minced spinach and chickpea flour with H2O added. We scooped little smatterings of this mixture and dropped it in boiling oil to do small deep-fried dumplingses of good. It was delightful with mass chutney and yogurt.

It was great to see so many friends, although most of the women declined to be snapped. :) And the female child gave us a mode show to round things out. At the terminal of the dark we holded strong, hot homemade chai tea and icecream ( which we holded stirred every half an hr for an hr and a one-half ) done with existent pick, cardamon and cubed almonds and pistachios. Implausibly rich and good!







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